I’m Louis CLEMENT, 19 years old and I currently live in Paris for my business studies. I spent all my childhood and my teenage years in Monaco, on the French Riviera. My parents actually live there. I consider myself as a loner and someone very independent. In fact, my parents sent me alone to foreign countries for 5 years. Thanks to these trips, I acquired an adult way of thinking.


During summer of the 2016, I worked as a waiter in two different restaurants.The first one was a five-star restaurant in Monaco where I learned to be meticulous, organized and fast. It was the first time that I was part of a real working team. Then, I worked all days in a bar, brasserie, restaurant named “La Terrasse.” In this restaurant, I was a waiter and a barman and I did all the tasks that needed to be done for the company. This experience taught me versatility.


In my business school, I’m not only a student in the international track. I’m also very invested in the school’s social life and the administration. In fact, I’m the event manager of the students’ office, so I organize events for the students. And, I’m the Vice-president of the association “EBS Entreprises,” linked to the administration, whose goal is to contact companies for the school. I’m very proactive and I like having several tasks in order keep busy and active.


In my second year at EBS, in February 2018, I chose to leave France with my friends to participate in a digital expedition to San Francisco organized by the school. The purpose of this trip is to learn by innovating. We learn coding, 3D printing, digital marketing and the history of Silicon Valley. We also tried to build our own start-up. Thanks to this trip, I’m able to realize that innovation is the heart of this region. People are very open-minded and the most obvious characteristic of the state of mind is creativity. In fact, we were strongly encouraged to create our own company if we had an idea and we believed in it.